Distance Runwear is a Vancouver running store that was started by Dave and Meghan Cressman. The need for a true specialty run shop in Vancouver was the inspiration for Distance Runwear. We have a collection of brands that represent the best in apparel, footwear and accessories. We also have stepped out of the norm with our shoe brands preferring to promote new and exciting brands and some established brands not seen in other specialty stores.

We strongly encourage all runners new and experienced to review their running stride and look for ways to improve their running economy.

Dave has been an active long distance runner since the age of 11 and has participated in some amazing events locally and around the world including the famous Marathon des Sables.His interest in running footwear came while running at college. The personal discovery that less shoe was indeed better led to his 1989 OCAA cross country title. He is now actively promoting natural running as a tool to better running economy.

Distance Runwear carries functional and fashionable clothing, useful things and of course a selection of the most progressive footwear for road and trail.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Jane says:

    See you have a Vivo sale. Do you still have a size 46 in Gobi black; Kali in size 39 black & Lucy Lite in 39. Thanks

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