Five years running away from tradition.

When we opened our doors on February 9th, 2012 we knew we were charting new ground for run specialty stores. There was no template on building a successful running store without dealing with the big name shoe companies. Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks and Asics all stayed away because [...]

Study – Pronghorn Antelope Performance vs Human

Many of you know that we have chosen the Pronghorn Antelope as our shop mascot. This was simply based on the fact that it is one of the best distance runners in the world. We have been enjoying watching the World Athletic Championships (despite the ignorance of the Russian politicians) and got to thinking how [...]

My Canadian Death Race experience

First of all I only did one leg of this epic event so I don't refer to myself as a Death Racer, but even one leg on that terrain is enough to have you think about the life after. I was fortunate enough to be invited by The North Face to run for one of [...]

What next? Running after the job is done

I, along with many of our customers, have completed my spring goal by completing the BMO Half Marathon in a personal best. Now what? I failed to plan anything for my post half marathon training schedule. I found myself running easy, aimless kilometres these last couple of weeks and to be honest it was fun. [...]

Tuff Kid event a big success

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the first Tuff Kid XC Challenge. We had perfect weather, great volunteers and a ton of Tuff Kids. Special Thanks to Distance Runwear, Eastside Fitness, Vibram Five Fingers, Little Mountain Coffee Shop, Flash Courier, Arcteryx, Icebreaker, and Camelbak.

A year of living dangerously…life in retail

This day one year ago we opened Distance Runwear. We opened to little fanfare, with no Grand Opening, no media circus, and a few good friends as our first customers. One year later we find ourselves with a clear identity, a solid base of great customers and a clear view to the future for our [...]

My life as a Product Tester…

[slideshow] First things first...I have always enjoyed trying out new gear. When I graduated from college I took a part time job at a small specialty retailer selling everything from climbing gear to canoes. This was simply a means to allow me to keep my misguided hopes of becoming a professional athlete alive. My abilities [...]

I am NOT a Barefoot runner!

...this is what I thought as I ran past two runners the other morning. I was out for an easy cruise before opening the store and heard one of the two ladies comment to her partner "Look! He is a barefoot runner". I don't mind the moniker but I realized how defining running barefoot or [...]