Lightweight competition shoe for the expert trail runner
Lightness, traction and feedback. Feline Vertical Pro shoes have been engineered for fast off-trail runs of short- and medium-distance on rough terrain with steep gradients, mud and rock.
Suitable for technical trail.
Use for training and racing
Low drop – 4 mm
Standard fit
Moderate cushion – 22 mm
Weight – 250 g (US M 8.5)


The Vertical Pro has a higher volume feel to it. This generally has meant that we have added thin insoles into the shoes for people like me with low volume feet. The toe box is a good shape and falls into our Standard last category. The speed lace style works well and has a small sleeve in the tongue to tuck the excess lace away. The heel feels secure while the arch area does have a bit more room and doesn’t wrap your foot as much as other shoes.


The Vertical Pro is for running fast on pretty technical terrain in all conditions. This is a minimal shoe so you have to run well to get the most out of it. Once your form starts falling apart you don’t have much shoe to protect you. The rock plate is very soft and won’t protect from big hits. The grip is amazing and the lug profile seems to be perfect for our North Shore terrain. This isn’t a bomb proof shoe for those heading off trail so care should be taken with the upper.


The biggest quirk with the Vertical Pro is the colour scheme…one pink shoe and one green shoe. Get over it and go for a run! You could also just buy the standard Vertical in “normal” colours.


Love realized.
I knew it the moment they appeared out of the salesman’s bag. These were going to be my new BFF (best footwear friend). It wasn’t just the confidence they exuded with their hot pink and toxic green skin, the aggressive lug profile or the carbon fibre skeleton. It was so much more or was it less, they weighed nothing yet at the same time seemed indestructible. The fit was pure fairy tale straight out of Cinderella or more accurately Goldilocks…just right.

Today those first impressions were put to the test in the cruelest of environments we can offer a shoe. The North Shore was at it’s best today with slippery rocks and logs, mud, off camber moss greased bridges, sharp penetrating rocks and dogs to be dodged. My new BFF’s lived up to all my expectations and maybe even exceeded them.
Things are going to be just fine…thank you Dynafit.


Dave Cressman
Dave CressmanDistance Runwear - Owner - Head Coach
Dave is the owner of Distance Runwear, the first Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada and a former Collegiate Cross Country Champion. Dave has been running track, cross country, road and trail ultra marathons since he was 11 years old. He has also competed nationally in Road, Cyclocross and Mountain biking, Paragliding, Telemark skiing, Orienteering, Nordic skiing and more.