When we opened our doors on February 9th, 2012 we knew we were charting new ground for run specialty stores. There was no template on building a successful running store without dealing with the big name shoe companies. Nike, New Balance, Saucony, Brooks and Asics all stayed away because they didn’t understand what we were doing. Brooks and Asics have since come on board and we are proud to offer relevant product from them. Looking back I am very glad they didn’t all want to work with us…because it forced us to be self reliant. We couldn’t just sit back and wait for the big marketing announcement from each of these brands to drive customers into our shop, we needed to create a compelling story that spoke to individuals truly interested in becoming better runners.

That is what we do and I think we do it well.

We focus on education not aspiration, we focus on foot health not instagram fame, we sell function not fashion and while it is fine to sell someone a $200 singlet made with fabric infused with the fermented sweat of the worlds best marathoners, that isn’t our thing.

We want you to run well and run forever.

To that end we focus heavily on coaching with our Form B4 Fitness programs. We don’t offer traditional group run clinics but instead encourage people to work on form with our Distance Collective Runners Club. We don’t sell shoes as solutions but simply as tools to allow and hopefully encourage better form.

You control what you do, not the shoe.

We have seen customers evolve over these five years and we have evolved as well. We added a North Vancouver store to help those across bridges and up the Sea to Sky get to us. We follow the path of knowledge and look beyond the numerous catalogues to find the essential gear needed to support your running goals. The easy part of retail is to sell consumers what they want but the real strength of a run specialty retailer is to sell items that runners need.

We want to see you in our stores.

The web is a wonderful place to surf…unless you really surf then you go to Tofino. The web is a one way interaction though…you ask the questions and weed through the various answers searching for right response. What we do at the shop is filter out a huge amount of product and only present what we feel are the best in the various categories relevant to runners. We act like a search engine but our algorithm can’t be matched by google because we actually run and we actually test the products we present in the shop. We can give you real answers and real reviews on everything we sell.

Thank you for your support and your interest in running well. By shopping local we all come out healthier.