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Fb4F, the coaching services side of Vancouver’s Distance Runwear, is dedicated to making you into the most efficient runner you can be. Most runners spend very little, if any, time working on their Running Economy; that is, efficiency, gait cycle, posture, balance, and other nuanced aspects of the art of running. Dave Cressman is the first Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada and a Form Coach.

Fb4F is focused on helping you recognize your own, most efficient, natural gait through a number of assessments:


Fb4F Intro to TrueForm Runner

This is a great way to get acquainted with running on The TrueForm Runner treadmill. This 30 minute session gives you time on the treadmill with some video review and pointers. $50

Fb4F Foundation Plan

This is a program designed to allow you to reach your best Running Economy. The plan includes a Fix My Form session as above but also a 3 month follow up with the use of the Milestone Pod. $200

Fb4F Fix My Form Session

This is a one hour session using the TrueForm Runner Treadmill to help runners understand what good form should feel like. Video analysis, barefoot shoes and other tools will help each runner find that “Happy Place” with their stride. Private $100 or Semi-private (up to 4 runners) $75 each.

Fb4F Monthly Training Plan

This is a program designed to help you take your new found Running Economy and accomplish your goals. It might be your first 5k or your 100th Ultra. $50/monthly (3 month minimum)

Fb4F Academy

This is an intensive TWO day session designed to help any runner find better form. When we discuss form it has nothing to do with speed, endurance or fitness. Form is HOW you run and how that translates to moving efficiently through your stride. We can all get better at running but it takes practice and an awareness of what you are currently doing and how to make corrections. Learn more here.

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