Our feet are our connection to this world and we have been creating a disconnect by wearing shoes that don’t allow our foot to do the job it was engineered to do. Traditional footwear is often too narrow with too high a heel. The higher your heel is above your toes the more out of balance you are and the more strained your posture. This can lead to a sore back, hips and knees as well as contributing to most of the foot related issues like Plantar Fasciitis, Neuroma’s and Metatarsalgia. We are becoming more convinced everyday that everyone should be incorporating  “barefoot” shoes in their daily lives and potentially in their running schedule. The science is very sound when it comes to the benefits associated with reducing your heel height and enhancing proprioceptive feedback.

We have installed the best treadmill for enhancing your natural gait. The TrueForm Runner helps you feel the right posture, foot roll and balance for a truly efficient technique. We offer personalized coaching through Form B4 Fitness Coaching.

This very informative video does an excellent job of showing and describing fabulous running economy.

Thanks to The Natural Running Center for this.

Two valuable resource sites are:

Natural Running Center

The Running Clinic

Have a look through these sites and then come by the shop to try on some shoes and get a first hand feel of what you have been missing.

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