Project Description

Altra Superior 2.0

Why mess with perfection? Last year’s award-winning favorite is back with the same look and feel as its predecessor, but with new color options and sidewall reinforcement. The FootShape™ toe box lets your toes relax and spread out in uphill and downhill trail conditions while the fully cushioned Zero Drop™ platform helps you maintain proper form across long distances. TrailClaw™ outsole technology features canted lugs beneath your metatarsals for ultimate gripping in gnarly terrain. A removable StoneGuard™ rock protection plate protects your feet from sharp rocks and is removable for use on less demanding terrain.
Suitable for trail
Use for training and racing
Zero drop
Natural fit
Moderate cushion – 21 mm
Weight – 247 g
  • Secure fit, and lightweight make it a great shoe for racing
  • Natural fit toe box allows toes to splay properly, building foot strength, and for more stability
  • Well cushioned for comfort over longer distances
  • Works seamlessly with Altra Gaiters to keep out debris
Keep in Mind:
  • Zero drop shoes may require a transition period when coming from traditional footwear
  • Soft midsole cushioning makes it less responsive than a firmer shoe
  • Outsole may not be aggressive or sticky enough for some runners in poor conditions on rough terrain
  • Upper is light and fragile on early versions