Project Description

With new updates to the upper, outsole and midsole, your favourite zero drop mid cushion shoe is better than ever. The Intuition/Instinct 4.0 has a new engineered mesh upper that is lightweight, well fitting and yet plush. That same natural foot shape is here still, cushioned with an A-Bound midsole that is mid cushioned and responsive. The full rubber FootPod outsole makes this version grippier so you can hit roads, the treadmill and dirt paths confidently. 

Suitable for road
Use for form, training, and racing
Zero drop
Natural fit
Moderate cushion – 25 mm
Weight – 284 grams
  • updated upper fit is more secure and engineered mesh is very comfortable
  • midsole material feels more cushioned than previous versions and when combined with the full rubber outsole it is responsive and offers a good ground feel and grip
  • zero drop and natural foot shape to maximize running form, toe splay, stability and power
Keep in Mind:
  • sizing is small, similar to previous versions. consider going up a 1/2 size.