Project Description

Why is it so important to keep feet dry?
Moisture on the skin creates a host of problems; in hot weather it causes blisters and fuels the growth of odor-causing bacteria, and fungal conditions of the skin (Athlete’s Foot), and toe nails. In cold/freezing weather, moisture pulls heat away from skin 23 times faster than air, lowering skin temperature so rapidly that wet feet become painfully cold and are much more susceptible to frostbite.

What is the difference between the Drymax Dual Layer System and Double Layer Socks?
Our Dual Layer Sweat Removal System has two different fibers interwoven together. We knit our moisture hating Drymax fibers on the inside and moisture attracting fibers on the outside. The Double Layer socks are two separate socks knit together at the toe, heel and top of leg.

Why is “a self contained system” important?
The inside of most shoes is like a greenhouse; hot & wet. Relatively speaking, little evaporation takes place inside most shoes. Since we cannot predict how well a shoe will absorb or evaporate sweat, we designed a self-contained Dual Layer Sweat Removal System that we could guarantee would keep feet dry in all conditions.