Project Description

Dynamic Cushioning and Flexibility at a Breathtakingly Lightweight, the Hoka Clayton 2 delivers. The PRO2Lite midsole is responsive and flexible and yet still retains that signature Hoka cushion and feel with their signature Early-Stage Meta-Rocker in place. The no-seam upper with TPU overlays offers a roomy fit with just enough structure to keep your foot in place. For a comfortable fit, great cushion and lightweight dynamic feel, try the Clayton 2.

Suitable for road
Use for distance training and racing
drop – 4mm
Standard fit
cushion – 28mm
Weight – 235 grams


  • extremely light weight combined with an abundant amount of cushioning
  • very comfortable with a roomy forefoot design
  • the PRO2Lite midsole does allow for a reasonable amount of flexibility considering the stack height


Keep in Mind:
  • RMAT outsole is soft to contribute to cushioning but may not wear as well or as long as a denser outsole