Project Description

Weighing 275g, this is a great training shoe over any road conditions. Delivers a fast, natural and smooth ride with high levels of comfort, protection and grip.

Suitable for road and non-technical trail
Use for training and ultra distance races
Mid drop – 8mm
Standard Fit
Moderate cushion – 21 mm
Weight – 275 g (US M 9)
  • Soft cushion underfoot provides maximum shock absorption for longer efforts
  • Moderate heel height is forgiving when form is affected
  • Reinforced mesh upper provides breathability and is very durable
  • Substantial grip for the roughest road conditions, and non-technical trails
  • Flexible midsole allows for natural foot movement through the stride
Keep in mind:
  • Heavier than average for a road shoe
  • Soft cushioning and flexible midsole are less responsive
  • Reinforced upper can feel snug in the mid foot
  • Soft rubber outsole can wear quicker on pavement