Project Description

From racing to training ultras and lightweight days exploring the mountains, the Dyna/Duro 1.5 hydration offers large amounts of easy access pocketing with a close to the body, no bounce fit.

Suitable for racing, ultra training
Volume  s/m 1 L,  m/l 1.5 L
Sizing  s/m, m/l
Hydration type 1.5 L bladder included, accommodates bottles/flasks up front
Weight – s/m 1 lbs., m/l 1.069 lbs.
  • pocketing up front and over the hip is easy to access and allows for flasks/bottles, poles, emergency layers and nutrition storage all within
  • reachlarge water resistant pocket will fit the largest of devices safely
  • comfortable close fit to ensure stable no-bounce storage


Keep in Mind:
  • above the hip pockets are harder to access while in stride
  • not much open mesh, will run a bit warmer in this one