Project Description

The Terraventure pushes the limits of lightweight performance and rugged durability.  This platform features an aggressive lug design providing better traction and mid-foot stability.  A flexible ESS forefoot rock plate protects the foot from stone-bruising while the ghillie lacing system ensures a secure midfoot fit.

Suitable for trails
Use for form, training, and racing
Low drop – 3 mm
Natural fit
Moderate cushion – 25 mm
Weight – 295 g (US M 9)
  • Sticky high traction rubber and deeper lugs make this the first shoe from Topo suited to more technical terrain.
  • The width tapers down for a snugger mid foot, and cushions in the heel accommodate most heels without feeling loose on narrower feet.
  • Natural fit toe box allows toes to splay properly, building foot strength, and providing stability.
  • Lightweight for a shoe that offers this level of cushion and protection
Keep in Mind:
  • Low drop shoes may require a transition period when coming from traditional footwear with a 10 or 12 mm heel height.
  • Outsole offers a balanced all around grip, but may be limited in excessive mud or soft ground conditions.