Named after eleven thousand feet of pure Utah peak ruggedness, the Lone Peak 3.0 is the latest version of the trail shoe that started it all for Altra. We added additional protection to the upper for increased durability and protection when the trail starts to bite back. The outsole has been re-designed and spec’d up with the all new MaxTrac™ outsole, offering more grip in all conditions. The StoneGuard™ has been sandwiched between the midsole and outsole to offer extra protection from those rocks trying hard to go after your feet. And your toes will be loving life in the luscious FootShape™ toe box up front. The legend continues with the Lone Peak 3.0

Suitable for trails
Use for training and racing
Zero drop
Natural fit
Moderate cushion – 25 mm
Weight – 275 g


The lone peak 3.0 still offers that roomy natural foot shape, as all Altras do, but with the redesign of this shoe there is a more snug fit through the mid foot section when compared to previous versions. The insole provided contributes to a closer fit through the mid to back of the foot, as it has the foot seated into this mid sole. Changing to a thinner and flatter insole gave me a more comfortable fit throughout the whole shoe.


As mentioned above, the Lone Peak 3.0 has a closer fit through the mid foot section and Altra has added more structure here as well. This offers more lateral stability and I liked the added control when cornering or pivoting. The new improved tread design and compound has proven to be very grippy in all my trail running experiences and yet with the high mileage I’ve asked of these shoes (probably over 1000 km now) there is still plenty of lug left. There is now a fully wrapped upper that contributes considerably to the durability of the shoe, previous versions of this shoe did not have the build quality to match the expectations of this being a shoe for ultra-marathon distances.


The original insole was a challenge for me, it is built up under the arch and narrows too much around the heel. The shoe already has enough cushion without this extra padding and this plush insole contributes to a real lack of ground feel. Replacing it with the thinner and flatter insole made for a much more comfortable experience and made it a shoe that I truly enjoy running long distances in. 


The Lone Peak is my high mileage shoe, I acquired it for 100 mile training and it has not failed. The build quality of the shoe finally matches the expectations of the running community as a go to shoe for those longer distances. It is (now) comfortable, highly durable and performs very well on a wide variety of demanding trail conditions. Compared to some of the other shoes I spend my time in, the Lone Peak 3.0 is quite a high stack shoe with 25 millimetres of full cushion underfoot and there for I have noticed less sense of ground feel. In saying this, for a high cushioned shoe, the Lone Peak is well balanced.

Scott MeachamDistance Runwear - Staff