The CloudFlow utilizes 18 Clouds in their patented Cloudtec midsole to provide a smooth run. The midsole is enhanced with a Speedboard which boosts the performance of this trainer. Seamless adaptive mesh upper offers a luxurious yet confident fit.
Use for training and racing
Mid drop – 6 mm
Standard fit
Moderate cushion – 22 mm
Weight – 220 g (US M 8.5)


The CloudFlow fits very similarly to the Cloudsurfer shoe. The sizing is right on target and offers a Standard Fit with great comfort. The heel counter adds control to this otherwise neutral shoe. Right off the shelf the CloudFlow feels like it has been on your foot for 100’s of k’s.



The CloudFlow delivers on all the promises it makes. It feels light under foot yet still maintains good structure and support. The Speedboard gives the shoe a little extra push when you want to pick up the pace yet doesn’t get in your way when you want to take it slow. The outsole has good grip on most surfaces and the varied Cloud shapes keep it relatively free of  small rocks.


The CloudFlow is probably the least “quirky” of all the shoes we have seen from On Running. The laces are very fine and that can cause some discomfort if you really tie your shoes tight. The tongue on the CloudFlow seems to provide more protection than the CloudRacer against this though.


I have really enjoyed this shoe for easy runs and moderate speed work. This may be the replacement shoe for those that loved Pearl Izumi’s N1 and N2 road shoes. The CloudFlow seems to be the best shoe from On Running if you want to use one shoe for lots of activities. The gym, bootcamp, NovemberProject workouts would all be great uses for the CloudFlow. You do need to be conscious of things getting stuck in the Clouds but I experienced it only once with the CloudFlow so it seems like they learned their lesson from the Cloud.

Dave Cressman
Dave CressmanDistance Runwear - Owner - Head Coach
Dave is the owner of Distance Runwear, the first Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada and a former Collegiate Cross Country Champion. Dave has been running track, cross country, road and trail ultra marathons since he was 11 years old. He has also competed nationally in Road, Cyclocross and Mountain biking, Paragliding, Telemark skiing, Orienteering, Nordic skiing and more.