The On Running Cloudracer is a fast with performance and comfort combined. The running shoe of champions is low profile for speed while also keeping you fresh with 18 CloudTec® cushioning elements and a responsive Speedboard – ideal for fast training runs and competitions.
Suitable for road
Use for form and racing
Low drop – 5 mm
Standard fit
Minimal cushion – 14 mm
Weight – 230 g (US M 8.5)


The Cloudracer is a performance shoe and as such is on the narrower side of what we recommend for a healthy foot. That said it isn’t an everyday shoe so once a week and for races the narrow fit shouldn’t prove problematic. The Cloudracer does have On Running’s classic fit giving the Great Toe room to perform. The shoe does fit true to size and has a fairly seamless feel but the coarseness of the fabric might be too much for sockless runners.


The Cloudracer does what a racing shoe should do make you feel faster. The Cloudracer also does something a little more, it may actually make you faster. The Cloudtec technology allows the shoe to perform like a moderately cushioned shoe upon foot fall and a firm cushioned shoe on take-off giving you the best of both worlds. The lugs act to deal with various shearing forces that other shoes just can’t help with and yet it doesn’t feel “squishy”. The lugs can catch the odd pebble between them but nothing to be concerned about in most road environments.


The Cloudracer looks interesting and complicated. The tongue is fairly thin and long so some might need to trim it back for comfort. The shoe lacks the extra eyelet to help secure the heel. The fabric is translucent so your sock colour will affect the colour of the shoe.


This has been my “go to” shoe for racing and speed workouts for the last 8 months. The Cloudracer surprised me with it’s positive impact on my run cadence. The responsiveness of the midsole translated into a slightly higher cadence on all my runs and this should translate into speed with all other things remaining equal. The light upper breaths incredibly well but is also noticeably unable to keep any moisture or wind from hitting the foot. The grip is adequate on most terrain that you’d find a fast road shoe and the lacing is secure but could use an extra eyelet for a more secure heel hold.

Dave Cressman
Dave CressmanDistance Runwear - Owner - Head Coach
Dave is the owner of Distance Runwear, the first Certified Road Running Instructor in Canada and a former Collegiate Cross Country Champion. Dave has been running track, cross country, road and trail ultra marathons since he was 11 years old. He has also competed nationally in Road, Cyclocross and Mountain biking, Paragliding, Telemark skiing, Orienteering, Nordic skiing and more.