The GoMeb Razor is a well cushioned shoe and yet feels lively and is very light. For long runs the cushion profile is considerable enough that I feel I could run forever and yet I still feel the ground and feel fast and poised when running track laps or getting in a quick tempo run.
Suitable for road
Use for training and racing
Low drop – 4/6 mm
Standard fit
Moderate cushion – 26 mm
Weight – 215 g (US M 8.5)



The stretch knit upper of the Razor contours the foot nicely with a snug midfoot and heelcup and also a fairly roomy toebox. The upper materials are very soft on the foot and are mainly seamless. The knit mesh also expands with the foot and allows a lot of freedom for the foot to load naturally. There is less structure in this shoe through the midfoot area and it does not have the same lateral stability that some more built up shoes may have so this is best kept as a dedicated run shoe and not a gym shoe.



The Razor serves its function perfectly; lightweight, well cushioned and still fast. This shoe works very well for those marathoners needing a shoe to suck up the impact of long training runs and also get them quickly around the track during speed workouts.


The GoMeb Razor has an adaptive insole that changes the profile between 4 or 8mm heel rise (it feels more like 6mm with the insole in) and this allows you to transition down to a lower heel rise or have the option of 2 heel rises in the same shoe. I had to add my own flat insole to take up volume in this shoe or I sat too low and moved around a bit in the shoe without any insole.

Another quirk may be in the brand name not one of those that you would generally think of but let me ensure you that this is one excellent shoe that labeled under any brand would still end up as one of my favourite road shoes of all time.