Distance Runwear Wants To Get To Know you!

We are in the business of connecting with each of our customers

Each customer is unique. Your needs are unique to you. It’s our goal to help you get closer to what helps you attain your goals. Distance Runwear will help you get outfitted in the right shoes for you, the right gear to accomplish a training run for the first time or to prepare for your latest ultra. We are here to help you train, to inspire you with clinics, to provide feedback with stride or gait analysis.

When you visit Distance Runwear, you’ll have our attention, our interest and our passion for what we do greet you at the door. Please come by and tell us about your aspirations and goals.

Fb4F, the coaching services side of Vancouver’s Distance Runwear, is dedicated to making you into the most efficient runner you can be. Experience it for yourself.We are becoming more convinced everyday that everyone should be incorporating “barefoot” shoes in their daily lives. Read more.